The Emerging Technology Complex is owned and managed by Victoria College and includes a unique setting that brings together the best of business and industry into a multi-functional design that offers a variety of settings for training and development.

  • COMFORT  [com´fort] (n.) A state of quiet enjoyment; whatever contributes to such a condition.

    Spacious lobbies, ergonomic furniture, natural light, and climate controlled spaces all support an environment that promotes comfort and productivity.

  • CONNECTIVITY  [con·nec·tiv·i·te] (n.) the state of being or being able to be connected.

    Charging stations, Wi-Fi, powered tables, and a Business Center are all provided at the Conference & Education Center to enhance guest connectivity with professional and personal commitments.

  • CHOICE   [chois] (n.) the voluntary act of selecting or separating from two or more things that which is preferred.

    Furniture configurations, catering options, and enhanced technology components are all choices our guests can make when working with our event services staff.